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Currently 55.4F, Max: 55.6F, Min: 42.5F Updated: 3:19pm EDT on 5/2/16
55.4 °F

High: 55.6
Low: 42.5
0 mph
Gust: 2

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This Afternoon: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 59. Northeast wind around 10 mph.
Mostly Cloudy


Tonight: Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly clear, with a low around 38. East northeast wind around 6 mph becoming calm  in the evening.

Hi 59 °FLo 38 °F

 C u r r e n t    C o n d i t i o n s
Wind: 0 mph E   
Recent Gust: 2 mph  
Pressure: 29.92    (Steady
    Pressure Rate: -0.007  
Humidity: 58%    -6.9 %
Dew Point: 40.9    -0.86 °F
Heat Index (feels like): 57.0    1.16 °F
    Day High: 57.4    (3:14pm)
Heat Stress Level: ---  
Comfort Level: Cool  
Beaufort Scale: Calm  
Visibility: --- miles  
Cloud Base:  
Sky: Overcast  
 E x t r e m e s
Today's High Temp: 55.6   (3:14pm)  
Today's Low Temp: 42.5   (6:53am)
Today's High Gust: 11   (2:20pm)  
Yesterday's High Temp: 49.8°F   (3:04pm)  
Yesterday's Low Temp: 43.5°F   (12:00am)
Yesterday's High Gust: 11 mph   (6:30pm)  
Monthly High Temp: 55.6°F   (5/2/16)  
Monthly Low Temp: 42.5°F   (5/2/16)
Monthly High Gust: 11 mph  (5/1/16)  
Yearly High Temp: 79.9°F   (4/18/16)  
Yearly Low Temp: 17.2°F   (4/5/16)
Yearly High Gust: 32 mph   (3/16/16)  
 P r e c i p i t a t i o n
Last Hour: 0.00
Current Rainfall Rate: 0.000 in/hr
Today: 0.27
Last 24 Hours: 0.27
Month to Date: 0.51
    at Bishop: 0.08 in
Year to Date: 8.88
    at Bishop*: 10.59 in
    Normal year to date: 8.30 in  
Last rain event: 5/2/16
Snowfall: 44.2 in    (since 07/01/14)
    Normal to date: 48.5 in
    Normal annual total: 47.4 in    (last winter: 83.9 in)
    Last winter total: 64.8 in
* Precipitation amounts can vary significantly, even between two
   relatively close locations.
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 Sun & Moon Data Waning crescent    


Tomorrow will be 2m 25s longer than today.
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